Graduate Workshop

Alongside the 2018 Edgington Lectures, Professor Katherine Hawley will lead a graduate workshop. Please register here if you are planning to attend.

Workshop: When and Where

Fri. 8th June, 13:00–17:00: Room 402, Main Building, Malet Street.
Sat. 9th June, 10:00–16:45: Room 152, Main Building, Malet Street.

Workshop Programme

Friday 8th June

Room 402, Main Building, Malet Street
13:00–14:15 Contextualism about Competence
Joshua Habgood-Coote (Bristol)
14:15–15:30 Understanding Hope
Cathy Mason (Cambridge)
15:30–15:45 Tea
15:45–17:00 Trust in the World and the Virtues under Oppression
John Brennan (Fordham)

Saturday 9th June

Room 152, Main Building, Malet Street
10:00–11:15 First Principles for Mereological Innocence
Fabio Ceravolo (Leeds)
11:15–11:30 Coffee
11:30–13:00 Pregnancy: A Case of Applied Metaphysics
Suki Finn (Southampton)
13:00–14:00 Lunch
14:00–15:15 The Motivation for Trustworthiness
Thomas Mitchell (Oxford)
15:15–15:30 Tea
15:30–16:45 Retrospective Trust and Distrust: Putting Pressure on ‘Reliance Plus’ and the ‘Commitment Account’
Andrew Kirton (Manchester)